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Biography of Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA, was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, and brings over 15 years of experience in public accounting for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits across North Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, Arlington, where he received a BBA in Finance. After two years of work experience under Stovall Grandey & Allen LLP, Jeremy acquired his CPA license in 2011.

Jeremy immediately went to work for himself. By 2012, Jeremy had formed a financial consulting firm. He quickly earned a reputation for his diligence and creativity—a rare and valuable set of traits for a CPA.

Now, Jeremy leads a successful and expanding professional practice with offices in Fort Worth. Jeremy is known locally for his practical and creative approach to tax planning and strong financial leadership as an on-demand CFO. Before cryptocurrency took the national spotlight, Jeremy had already established himself as the local authority on cryptocurrency accounting for businesses and tax strategies for virtual assets.

Outside of the office, Jeremy spends time with his wife, Monique, and his children, aged 15 and 9. He enjoys music, works closely with nonprofits, and supports charitable causes that benefit the community.

As CEO of Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA P.C., Jeremy works with employees to create closer working relationships with their clients. Knowing the client, business, and life is a simple idea, and it’s helped Jeremy reduce clients’ tax liability and preserve wealth for companies and individuals in Fort Worth and across Texas.