Turn data into action—a new model that brings enterprise tax and financial strategy to small businesses.

About Us

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA P.C. is a business advisory firm that helps growing small businesses increase revenue, lower costs, and plan for future growth—and we do it with accounting, financial analysis, and tax planning that replaces numbers with results.

Small business owners must now compete with local, regional, national, and global firms, where access to information decides winners and losers.

That’s a problem, and we’re the solution. We provide the strategy and leadership to connect finance to management, and we do it by letting objectives, targets, and performance guide our services, not the other way around.

Our CEO, Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA, has a track record of success in accounting, on-demand CFO services, and strategic tax planning. So, if you’re looking for a partner, advisor, and financial leader to modernize your business, you’ve found him.


“Jeremy revealed errors in our financial practices that we couldn’t see and that had cost us a lot in profit and payroll. Even if you’re a CEO and founder who built your company from the ground-up, everyone has blind spots or biases. Jeremy broke down the barrier between operations and finance, and that’s helped us grow in a sustainable way.”

Brent K.
Fort Worth


Strategic Tax Planning

Long-term tax reduction, asset protection, and accurate projections are outcomes. Strategy is the driver; it must be specific to your business, adaptive to change, and higher performing over time. We think before we do.

Implementation & Compliance

We’re serious about reducing tax liability, so we pair aggressive tax plans and implementation with all-team compliance reviews. Your filing is backed by a certified public accountant (CPA) who can defend your company from audits.

Accurate Accounting

Ensure that your financials are accurate, thorough, and IRS-compliant. Our team can replace internal accounting efforts, and we have the experience and tools to deliver accurate accounting faster and at a lower cost.

Financial Analysis

We turn financial statements into actionable information that shows you where your money is going, what’s profitable, and how to improve the internal processes that power your business.

Our Clients Succeed

The proof is in the numbers.

Tax Dollars Saved

Businesses Transformed

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What Is Tax Planning?

What Is Tax Planning?

What is tax planning? It’s a process that reduces personal and business tax liability starting now and extending into retirement. Learn more.

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Our dedicated tax professionals respond within 24 hours.

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