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Strategic Tax Planning

Maximize tax savings, protect assets, and position your business for long-term growth with tax planning from a trusted Fort Worth CPA.

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We work with small businesses and growth-stage companies that move fast on strategy and deliverables. Call today, and we’ll connect with your in-house financial team to create a long-term tax plan deliverable in 4 weeks.

Maximize Deductions & Credits

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with tax planning that aggressively pursues all deductions, credits, exclusions, and allowances.

Entity Optimization & Restructuring

Get a clear plan to increase tax savings and accelerate growth through strategically restructuring your business.

Asset Protection & Insurance

Position your business and yourself for a lifetime of tax savings and wealth security. Protect vulnerable assets with insurance and a robust corporate veil.

Strategic Tax Planning Pays Long-Term

Here’s the simple truth: Tax planning is a must-have for any small business or growth-stage company serious about growth. Our tax plans are a competitive advantage and a long-term investment with measurable R.O.I

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“Jeremy takes the discovery process seriously. His staff took time to collect the right information from my financial team, and he returned with a plan that’s taken us through two years of growth with only a few adjustments.”

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Four Small Business Tax Credits To Know for 2021

For small business owners, it helps to keep track of the tax credits unique to your business and industry. Some tax credits have the potential to lower tax liability significantly. What is a Tax Credit? A quick primer: Tax credits directly reduce your business’s tax...