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Building your tax plan

Strategic tax planning starts with financials and ends with generational wealth. But in a more dynamic and changing economy, you need strategies built for change. If you want to pay less in taxes and know what you owe, we have the solution.

Maximize business deductions and tax credits

We go after every deduction, tax credit, exclusion, and allowance available under the law. Sometimes, past accounting errors block qualification. We adjust reporting and classifications to clarify your status and secure savings.

Optimize cash flow

Precise cash flow planning dramatically reduces tax liability by delaying income and scheduling major expenses. We time when cash flows in (income) and when cash flows out (expenses) for maximum savings.

Find the right tax structure

Tax structure is often overlooked, even though the potential for tax reduction is profound. We can help you identify the tax structure most likely to reduce long-term tax liability for your business.

Protect your assets

We protect high-value assets through a variety of strategies, including tax, accounting, and insurance. There’s no cookie-cutter solution, so your tax plan is adapted to your business and industry.

Why your business needs tax planning

“Tax planning is a short and long-term path to tax reduction and tax efficiency, and you won’t find strategic tax planning with an accountant. It requires a multi-disciplinary approach, including business strategy, financial analysis, and accurate bookkeeping. If you are breathing and profitable, tax planning is a necessity. Period.” – Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

Implementing your plan

Now that we’ve reviewed your tax position and delivered a strategic tax plan, it’s time to implement the strategy.

We handle implementation—all the tasks that are tedious but still require attention from qualified tax professionals.

Meeting quarterly for updates and projections

We hold quarterly meetings that keep you and stakeholders up-to-date on big-picture performance and specific estimates for quarterly tax payments.

Meeting with CEO Jeremy A. Johnson CPA is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Your team will see projections, results, and new strategies to optimize your tax plan.

Preparing and filing tax returns

With accurate accounting, a tax plan, and all of your financial documents in one place, we prepare and file returns that deliver savings other firms miss.

Business & Individual tax returns

We file both business and individual tax returns for our clients. When all of your financial information is consolidated, you spend less and save more.

Tax resolution

We help clients manage IRS debt, reduce penalties, and protect personal and business assets in the event of an Interval Revenue Service (IRS) Audit.

Tax code changes

Changes in state and federal tax codes could affect what you see on your return. Our team uses proprietary methods to keep up with evolving tax codes and anticipate ways to replace lost savings.

Let me handle the IRS.

“My reputation is my business, life, and identity. The same goes for my clients’ reputations, especially when they are confronted with a frivolous audit. As a CPA, I am obligated to defend any return that carries my signature. It’s not confrontational. I simply explain what the tax code says, explain the precedent, and say goodbye.”

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA


“Jeremy takes the discovery process seriously. His staff took time to collect the right information from my financial team, and he returned with a plan that’s taken us through two years of growth with only a few adjustments.”

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