Replace traditional accounting and Zoom CFOs with an integrated approach focused on accuracy, analysis, and action.


Accurate Accounts

Financial Analysis

1-on-1 Meetings

Accurate Accounts for Better Strategy

To achieve core business objectives and stay cost-efficient, you need clean books and accurate accounting. Join over 200 clients who trust their books to a dedicated team of accounting professionals.

Fix accounting errors

Our team of bookkeepers and accountants hold long-standing relationships with local and national banks, so reconciliations get completed fast.

Get accurate monthly statements

With strict timelines and efficient processes, we deliver financial statements on time, every time. No sick days. Just accountability.

Trust your numbers and stay compliant

A certified public accountant (CPA) independently validates transactions and compliance. It’s called redundancy—a common practice in aeronautics and manufacturing. Why not accounting?

Is accounting a cost or a benefit? You choose.

“Accurate, efficient accounting is a benefit that touches every aspect of your business, from payroll to operations. We offer accounting with a growth mindset, and it works.”

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

Financial Analysis & Leadership

Add experienced financial leadership and improve business performance with financial analysis. We help you hit growth targets, motivate leadership, and evaluate performance from a financial perspective.

Improve internal accounting

Develop superior reporting, accounting, and financial processes to track key financial metrics. Or we can bring our accounting team to you.

Track your performance

Get 12-month forecasts and budgets that lay the groundwork for measuring performance and productivity. All of our forecasts, metrics, and KPIs are specific to your industry.

Reduce expenses & improve profit margin

Partnering with Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA, gives you better visibility over your business functions, particularly your financials. Jeremy will show what’s driving profit, what’s inflating costs, and which initiatives are cost-efficient. It’s the missing information you need to decide where and how to allocate resources.

When you face critical decisions, I’ll be there.

“As a financial analyst and leader, I bring an independent perspective and greater clarity to your business. When big problems need comprehensive solutions, I provide that additional insight you need to move forward and grow your business.”

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

1-on-1 Monthly Meetings

Meet with Jeremy to review progress and performance and set goals for the upcoming month.

Consulting with a third party is an effective way to provide guidance and motivation for your leadership team and decide who’s accountable for meeting revenue, profit, and growth targets.


“Jeremy revealed errors in our financial practices that we couldn’t see and that had cost us a lot in profit and payroll. Even if you’re a CEO and founder who built your company from the ground-up, everyone has blind spots or biases. Jeremy broke down the barrier between operations and finance, and that’s helped us grow in a sustainable way.”

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