About Us

Jeremy A Johnson, CPA. He is a tall man, with brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair, which is shaved down. He  He has a wide smile on his face. He is wearing a grey suit jacket, with a dark blue handkerchief in his pocket, below the jacket is a white dress shirt, with the  the top two buttons unbuttoned. Behind him, a marble background,  primarily a pearly, metallic white, with streaks of dark grey, copper, and blue in it.

“Hello, my name is Jeremy A. Johnson, and I’m a certified public accountant, tax planning expert, and former on-demand CFO. I’m also a business owner—just like you.

So I know what keeps small businesses small. It’s a confluence of responsibility delegated to a single person: growth, leadership, and developing transformative solutions.

But if you’re reading this, you’ve found that transformative solution, and it’s fully developed.

We offer a single, unified solution for accounting, tax planning, and financial leadership—and the objective is growth. All I need are your financial documents, and you will get clear strategies to achieve core business objectives, increase revenue, and minimize tax liability.

The result is end-to-end financial support and business advisory services anchored by our partnership. We share similar goals and are looking for the same: consistent growth now and in the future.

With uncertainty on the rise and competition increasing, you need a financial partner. I am offering you the support you need to build a more agile, efficient, and profitable business. So let’s talk.”

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

We’re here to give growing small businesses an opportunity to mature the financial side of their business and develop enterprise processes that competitors can’t match.

What We Do

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA, P.C. is a business advisory firm that helps growing small businesses increase revenue, lower costs, and plan for future growth. We’re thinkers and doers, and we live by three words: accuracy, analysis, action.

What makes us different is our combination of superior service and close partnership unified into a reliable process. Your business gets immediate access to an in-house team of accounting and tax specialists, as well as an executive-level partner who maximizes the real business value of each service.

Our Approach

More communication equals better outcomes. Long-term strategies deliver better results than short-term tactics. That’s why we focus our efforts on lifetime value—growing your business until you sell or retire.

Understanding your business, goals, and objectives is the key to improving your bottom line. We identify new opportunities for growth by asking the right questions and tailoring our strategies that fit your business. When motivated business owners like you match the fine details to the big picture, success is inevitable.

Our Mission

Rapid advances in technology are making it easier than ever for big companies to enter local markets, and that threatens the livelihood of small businesses and their families. Our mission is simple: make small businesses resilient and profitable.

We want to see local businesses compete and win in global markets. But how is that possible? It’s possible because small teams are more agile and are willing to take more risks. Our firm is here to give you the same or better processes than large companies and unleash your potential for growth.

How can we help?

Our dedicated tax professionals respond within 24 hours

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