Everything you need to start, build, and scale your business.

Entrepreneurs like you have the passion and determination to succeed. What you’re missing is a clear, detailed, step-by-step plan to achieve success.

So, I’ve put all of my experience and expertise into creating a guide that’s actually useful for entrepreneurs. This is not empty fluff. It’s an operator’s manual for entrepreneurs who want to make money and grow their business.

Call me when you’ve reached 250K in revenue. 

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA


One of the latest smartphones, a black retangle with a silver finish on the outside. In the center is the cover to Jeremy A. Johnson's An Entrepreneur's Guide to Small Business Success

Make your small business profitable

Proven processes for growth in your first year of business

Follow a step-by-step process for entity formation, loans, banking, investor relations, and success in life and business for your first year.

Strategies that cut waste, motivate people, and fuel growth

Access proven and scalable accounting and operational practices that push every function of your business toward growth.

Practical tools to attract and retain high-value customers and clients.

Drive client and customer acquisition from day one with streamlined sales and marketing techniques designed to deliver big results on a small budget.


“Jeremy revealed errors in our financial practices that we couldn’t see and that had cost us a lot in profit and payroll. Even if you’re a CEO and founder who built your company from the ground-up, everyone has blind spots or biases. Jeremy broke down the barrier between operations and finance, and that’s helped us grow in a sustainable way.”

Brent K.
Fort Worth

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