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Tax Preparation & Filing

By Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA P.C.

Boost your tax savings with a local, trusted CPA firm.

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Have a worry-free tax season.

Our friendly tax professionals find and fix complex tax problems that typical tax preparation companies miss.

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Individual Tax Services

Maximize your tax savings with the latest deductions and tax credits.

Business Tax Services

Hire a certified public accountant to stand behind your tax return and reduce your tax liability.

Tax Resolution

Manage IRS debt, reduce penalties, and protect your personal and business assets.

Why you need a CPA for taxes

Nobody can keep up with changes in the tax code like a dedicated CPA, and change is good.

For my clients, change is just another opportunity to reduce what they pay in taxes.

For individuals, that may mean a larger tax refund. For businesses, it’s an assurance that what I send to the IRS, I can defend.

– Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

“Jeremy is an excellent CPA and CFO. I needed a local CPA who could handle everything my tax had packed into it—Jeremy’s team gave me one less thing to worry about. Professional, friendly staff and a delight to work with.”

– Private Client

Four Small Business Tax Credits To Know for 2021

For small business owners, it helps to keep track of the tax credits unique to your business and industry. Some tax credits have the potential to lower tax liability significantly. What is a Tax Credit? A quick primer: Tax credits directly reduce your business’s tax...