Why Your Business Needs A Fort Worth CPA

If you want winning tax and financial strategies that align with your business objectives, it’s time to adjust your thinking when it comes to hiring a certified public accountant (CPA). In this article, I’ll tell you how successful business and CPA partnerships work, which factors affect your bottom line, and why hiring a Fort Worth CPA makes sense for Fort Worth businesses.

Strong Relationships = Tax Savings = R.O.I

Forget the “everything is digital” talking points from global consulting firms. Business is about people exchanging dollars for value. So it’s best to know the people you’re paying, right?

Now, what do I mean when I say “relationship?” I mean a business relationship between you and your CPA. Relationships come in all sizes and colors. Nothing special.

So, when I say “strong relationships,” I mean a business and personal relationship that both parties value. These relationships are ongoing, reciprocal, honest, and highly profitable.

Here’s what’s necessary for strong relationships:

A Thorough Discovery Process
Face-to-Face Introductions
Regular Meetings
Clearly-Defined Expectations & Responsibilities
Mutually-Defined Objectives

Here’s what you get from strong relationships:

Precise and Efficient Communication
Increased Return-On-Investment
Financial Strategies that Drive Business Objectives
Comprehensive & Flexible Tax Planning
Scalability & Integration

Here’s the takeaway: Relationships equal dollars and cents. Pay the same retainer; get more value. It’s a simple formula. That’s why seasoned business owners are more likely to value relationships than their less experienced and successful counterparts.

Be the #1 Client of a Fort Worth CPA. Not the #453 Client of a Mega Firm.

Forget the “everything is digital” talking points from global consulting firms. Business is still local, and in professional services, the best arrangements happen between equals.

So, there’s your second reason to hire a Fort Worth CPA. Here, you can find your “equal” in a CPA firm. If you hire for prestige—an out-sized firm—I can guarantee you this: You will not be a priority. You will not benefit from that prestige.

Think about your clients. What accounts do you prioritize? Which gets the best service or best prices? Which motivates your employees to go the extra mile or bring creative solutions?

You know the answers: value, a positive working relationship, open communication, trust, and loyalty. It’s easy to be that client to a local CPA that’s a good fit for your business.

You’ll benefit more from being a top priority for a local firm than a footnote for an out-of-town or out-of-state firm.

The Bottom Line

Core business objectives and complex tax strategies cannot be achieved without strong relationships and communication. Stay close to what saves you money. If you’re a Fort Worth business, hire a Fort Worth CPA.

Talk soon,
Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

Meet the Author
Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA, is an expert in strategic tax planning, accounting, CFO services, and thought leadership.

Jeremy writes for small business owners who need actionable information on tax strategy, efficient accounting practices, and plans for long-term growth.

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