Crypto Tax & Accounting For Businesses

We offer small businesses complete accounting solutions for cryptocurrency

Easily accept cryptocurrency payments, make strategic investments, and reduce tax liability.

Our Crypto CPA Services

Crypto Tax Advising & Consulting

Meet with a crypto tax expert and get creative solutions to complex issues in crypto accounting, tax compliance, and reporting.

Crypto Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our responsive team of crypto tax professionals helps your business capitalize on missed deductions, log and convert crypto payments, produce accurate gain and loss reports, and reconcile all crypto activity.

Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance

Safely navigate the evolving regulatory landscape in crypto accounting, reconciliation, and reporting. We keep our clients clear of scrutiny and are ready to defend tax and accounting decisions.

Crypto Tax Planning

Implement a smarter crypto tax planning strategy that leverages volatility and complexity to produce tax-savings windfalls on crypto assets.

Crypto Tax Preparation & Filing

Stop worrying about your annual crypto tax returns and focus on your business. Returns are reviewed by crypto tax professionals and backed by a certified public accountant (CPA).

Traditional Tax Services

Feel free to ask our CPA firm for support with traditional forms of business accounting and tax preparation. Streamline your processes, cut labor costs, and close the accounting gap between dollars and crypto.

Meet Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA

We’re in a crypto crisis. It’s not about volatility (that’s a given), but about basic accounting and taxation.

Businesses are paying too much taxes for cryptocurrency transactions.

Fortunately, our crypto pedigree predates the current moment. We’ve already done the work. Integrating solid accounting principles with flexible cryptocurrency taxing and accounting practices. That’s what works for businesses.

Now we offer a full suite of crypto services: consultation, accounting, tax preparation, and tax planning.

We spare our clients the technicalities. Because what matters most is a slim tax bill and making crypto profitable for your business.

Let’s talk.


Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA


Cryptocurrency Consulting & Accounting


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Assisted Hundreds of Businesses with Cryptocurrency Accounting, Tax Preparation, Compliance, and Tax Planning


Tax Planning Partner for Enterprise & Growth Stage Companies

Crypto FAQs for Businesses

Do you work with Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Yes. Your business is free to invest in and accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tether, and Solana.

Any crypto asset, whether taken as payment, traded, or inherited, can be accounted for and reflected accurately on your business’ tax return.

How do I know if my business needs outside help with crypto accounting?

If your business has touched cryptocurrency any time this year or last year, we recommend that you contact us for a consultation.

Most of our clients accept and make payments in cryptocurrency. Some hold investments in cryptocurrencies, sometimes on foreign exchanges.

All transactions and trading activity involving cryptocurrency requires professional accounting and tax services from a crypto expert—preferably a certified public accountant.

Businesses need professionals, not software.

Are cryptocurrency payments taxable for businesses?

Yes. A cryptocurrency transfer made as a payment for goods and services is taxable and should be treated the same as one would treat regular income.

Charitable gifts of cryptocurrency are a notable exception.

Do you work with businesses that use cryptocurrency to accept and make payments, plus investments?

Yes, we do. Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA P.C. provides full-service crypto tax and accounting, no matter the type of coin, wallet, exchange, or transaction type.

We set accounting processes that make sense for your business’ crypto activity and financial goals.

How much do you charge?

Rates vary depending on the size and scope of your business, as well as the number of services you choose.

Call us for an estimate.

What kind of tax planning opportunities does cryptocurrency offer?

The IRS has been slow to issue guidance, but smart tax planning for both assets and income can yield tax savings.

Currently, the most exciting tax planning opportunities exist in deductions associated with gifting or donating cryptocurrency. Long-term holdings of cryptocurrency also offer reprieve from taxation on gains and losses.

The majority of firms underestimate the tax-saving potential in cryptocurrency tax planning. We take an optimistic approach: aggressive, consistent, and flexible processes designed to preserve wealth.

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We use specialized software in our business, and they took the time to learn it in order to better serve our accounting needs. Everyone else we looked at wanted us to switch to their accounting platform. Highly recommend Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA.

– Chris M.

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